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13 Ibid.

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15 “Res­cued Min­ers Saw Strange Things Dur­ing

14-Day Or­deal’, Ore­gon States­man, Salem, OR, 29 Aug 1963; “We Saw Strange Things. Fellin De­scribes Wait­ing for Res­cue”, Florence Morn­ing News, Florence, SC, 29 Aug 1963.

16 “Some Myths About Min­ing”, Arkansas City Daily

Trav­eler, Arkansas City, KS, 20 April 1892. I sifted through 30 news­pa­pers that car­ried the story be­tween 1892 and 1920, but none iden­ti­fied the mine of the lad­der dwarf.

17 “Why Un­der­ground Work­ers Are Su­per­sti­tious”,

Palmyra Spec­ta­tor, Palmyra, MO, 24 Mar 1920.

18 “Spec­tre Or­ders 300 Min­ers To Walk Out’, Des Moines Daily News, Des Moines, IA, 16 March 1913.

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