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1 See magazine-22686500 for a use­ful sum­mary of parei­do­lia.

2 For a skep­ti­cal view, see www.csi­cop. org/si/show/where_is_the_­science_in_ elec­tron­ic_voice_phe­nom­ena

3 See­sion­­eye-con­di­tion/guide-to-eye-con­di­tions/ charles-bon­net-syn­drome/124.

4 Each num­ber in the Fi­bonacci Se­quence is the sum of the two pre­vi­ous num­bers i.e. 1,1,2,3,5,8,13…

5 Any­thing re­gard­ing the planet Nibiru is a prime ex­am­ple: http://news. na­tion­al­geo­­li­cal-dooms­day-nibiru-sep­tem­ber23-sci­ence/

6 The ra­tio was first de­scribed as ‘Golden’ by Ger­man astronomer Jo­hannes Ke­pler.

7 www.chris­tian­i­ty­to­­tory/ is­sues/is­sue-85/how-ari­an­ism-al­most­won.html

8­ter­na­tional/ ger­many/the-truth-about-88-new-bookre­veals-se­cret-mean­ing-of-neo-naz­i­codes-a-770820.html

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