Meet­ing David Icke in a cave

GOR­DON RUTTER meets a con­tro­ver­sial con­spir­acy the­ory leg­end and finds that he’s… very nice

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David Icke: pro­fes­sional foot­baller, sports pre­sen­ter, Green Party spokesman, Son of God, con­spir­acy the­o­rist. That’s a rough, chrono­log­i­cal out­line of his pub­lic ca­reer. He calls him­self “a full-time in­ves­ti­ga­tor into who and what is re­ally con­trol­ling the world”. Or as I said, a con­spir­acy the­o­rist.

For those of a cer­tain age there is al­ways that Wo­gan in­ter­view, in which a turquoise track­suit-clad Icke pro­claimed him­self to be the son of God. Wo­gan, and a na­tion, laughed. That was in April 1991 – 28 years ago, and yet ev­ery­one re­mem­bers it. Since then, Icke has pub­lished over 20 books and lec­tured all over the world to mas­sive au­di­ences, usu­ally for hours on end; in some cases, for over 10 hours. You cer­tainly get your money’s worth. The books are sim­i­larly sub­stan­tial; if the agents of the New World Or­der are bat­ter­ing at your door you could do worse than arm your­self with a copy of his lat­est tome, Ev­ery­thing You Need to Know but Have Never been Told, which is 750 pages long.

At the end of 2017 Icke was wind­ing down a world tour that had started the pre­vi­ous year. He had de­cided to try some­thing a bit dif­fer­ent – smaller, more in­ti­mate events. The first few of th­ese were tied in with the launch of Ev­ery­thing You Need

to Know and as well as the book launch there was a full meal, some mu­sic (from his son Gareth) and a two-hour talk and Q and A. I man­aged to catch the Ed­in­burgh show on Mon­day 13 Novem­ber at the spook­ily at­mo­spheric Caves, which was sold out (150 peo­ple) at £85

Icke says he never wants to tell peo­ple what to think

a ticket. Ev­ery­one I spoke to was happy to be there and en­joyed the en­tire evening. Icke wasn’t present for the meal, ap­pear­ing only af­ter ev­ery­one had eaten and then speak­ing for longer than the planned two hours. No one was com­plain­ing (he ac­tu­ally wanted to speak till 1am but the com­pro­mise was for ev­ery­thing to fin­ish at 11).

For part of the time that peo­ple were eat­ing, Icke was ac­tu­ally present; but we were in a back room hav­ing a chat. Like his talk, my promised 10 min­utes was ex­tended to a good half hour, so we were able to cover a few dif­fer­ent things. First things first: what’s he like as a per­son? Well – he’s nice. He’s very re­laxed and quite happy to talk – the sort of per­son you’d be happy to chat to in a pub. He also has a mes­sage, so when you ask him some­thing he is quite happy to give the mes­sage. As he spoke to the au­di­ence at the end of the evening I re­alised that a lot of what he had said to me was what he had planned to say later. What he said was that he never wants to tell peo­ple what to think, he just wants peo­ple to think of other ways to look at what they are be­ing told – for them to ques­tion things more.

That is what he had done; and he found that the more he ques­tioned things the less they stood up to scru­tiny. Did he be­lieve the world was be­ing run by shape-changing lizards? Yes; well, sort of. They pro­ject a field, and that is what we per­ceive. At times the field breaks down and we see the non-hu­man fre­quency rather than the hu­man fre­quency. Cer­tain blood­lines are hy­brids, with th­ese be­ings in charge of in­sti­tu­tions such as banks. There’s the bit that causes a lot of con­tro­versy: some peo­ple think he is talk­ing about Jews. Some venues have be­come closed to him at the eleventh hour, but the talks have al­ways gone on. Hav­ing heard him speak, hav­ing spo­ken to him, and hav­ing read some of his out­put, do I be­lieve shape-changing lizards is code for Jews? No, I be­lieve he means it: shape-changing lizard rul­ing elite, baby sac­ri­fices, the lot. The au­di­ence loved it. They were all nor­mal peo­ple, wor­ried about what they were see­ing hap­pen­ing around them. They were look­ing for an­swers, and Icke was help­ing them in their search. I did not hear any­thing that was racist. I heard a lot of con­spir­acy ma­te­rial. I heard a lot of ex­hort­ing peo­ple to think for them­selves. And I saw a lot of peo­ple hav­ing a good time. I’m with Jon Ron­son on this: with David Icke, what you see is what you get.

For de­tails of fu­ture speak­ing en­gage­ments, in­clud­ing smaller shows, visit www.da­

ABOVE: David Icke at Ed­in­burgh’s at­mo­spheric Caves; in a re­laxed mood, he could prob­a­bly have talked all night.

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