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A male mummy with its mouth agape in a for­ever si­lent scream, found years ago in the Deir el-Ba­hari Val­ley of the Kings tomb com­plex in Egypt, was thought to be Prince Pen­tewere, tried and ex­e­cuted for his in­volve­ment in a con­spir­acy to mur­der his fa­ther, the pharaoh Ram­ses III (reigned 1186 – c.1155 BC), who had his throat cut (see my 2013 re­port,

FT300:23). This iden­tity has now been re­in­forced by DNA anal­y­sis. Be­ing such a naughty young man, Pen­tewere was lit­er­ally hung out to dry and so mum­mi­fied nat­u­rally in­stead of un­der­go­ing the com­plex pro­ce­dure of proper, hon­ourable em­balm­ing, and in­stead of be­ing cov­ered in white linen, he was wrapped in sheep­skin, con­sid­ered im­pure. The mummy has its hands and feet bound with leather ropes, and ev­i­dence sug­gests Pen­tewere was poi­soned. In­de­pen­dent UK, Egypt In­de­pen­dent, 13 Feb 2018.

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