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Spinning light


Tania Thomas’s account of a UAP [FT423:65] has prompted me to relate my own recent encounter. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen of the bungalow where I live [in Pinner], watching the local wildlife – in particular a beautiful red kite that often swoops over the rooftops. One early August afternoon, I saw an unusually large flock of seagulls to the east. There must have been around 30 or so and I went out into the garden for a better look.

As I watched them move across the sky, I became aware of a light high up to the southwest. At first I thought it was the Sun reflecting off a plane (I live under the Heathrow flight path), but it didn’t appear to be moving at all. As I watched, I got the distinct impression that it was revolving as the light seemed to fade in and out. There was little or no cloud cover to explain why the light was fading intermitte­ntly, but I instinctiv­ely felt it was spinning. A quick Google check confirmed that it was too high and too early to be Venus. It remained stationary throughout, but I couldn’t seem to get a proper fix on it as I tried to take a photo on my phone. After about 10 minutes of watching this object I suddenly grew very lethargic and had to go indoors and sit down.

The following afternoon, I went back into the garden to throw out some bread for the mob of magpies who are always watching from the rooftop opposite. I suddenly saw a light moving at speed across the sky from west to east in the same place where I had watched the UAP the day before. As it moved across my eyeline, it suddenly did an abrupt right turn and blinked out of existence as if it had entered a portal. I am still at a loss to explain these sightings but so far there has been no repetition. Richard Carey

Pinner, Middlesex

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