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Gewurz­traminer ‘vieilles vi­gnes’ Al­sace Grand Cru Fursten­tum Do­maine Paul Blanck blanck.com A con­cen­trated medium-sweet wine from this warm Grandc ter­roir; aged in large foudre oak bar­rels for 12 months. Aro­mas of rose petals, ly­chees, pep­per and cloves, with a full, ripe mouth-feel. Gewurz­traminer Do­maine de l’aigle, IGP Pays d’oc ger­ard-ber­trand.com Gewurz­traminer grapes are grown in vine­yards at 250-500 me­tres on Ber­trand’s 31-hectare es­tate in west­ern Langue­doc. The aro­mas are pure and fresh, with apri­cot, aca­cia and of course ly­chee; on the palate, citrus flavours are lifted on the fin­ish by a hint of anise. Gewurz­traminer Al­sace Grand Cru Hengst Do­maine Zind-hum­brecht zind­hum­brecht.fr From old gewurz­traminer vines, some of which were planted be­fore World War II, this lime­stone ter­roir is par­tic­u­larly warm and dry, giv­ing pow­er­ful, spicy wines with sub­tle citrus notes. Fresh flavours coun­ter­bal­ance the sweet­ness, giv­ing a de­cep­tive im­pres­sion of dry­ness. Gewurz­traminer vendanges tar­dives Grand Cru Kirch­berg de Barr Vin­cent Sto­ef­fler vins-sto­ef­fler.com In the Bas-rhin dé­parte­ment, to the north of gewurz­traminer’s bet­ter­known stomp­ing ground, Vin­cent Sto­ef­fler makes this late-har­vest wine from the lime­stone-rich slopes of Kirch­berg de Barr. Raisins, quince jam and jas­mine ap­pear on the nose, with mirabelle plums, figs and spice flavours. Gewurz­traminer Sélec­tion des Grains Nobles Paul Gin­glinger paul-gin­glinger.fr In­di­vid­ual ‘nobly rot­ten’ gewurz­traminer berries are picked by hand long af­ter the rest of the har­vest is fin­ished. The wine shows flo­ral aro­mas of mango, apri­cot and spice, with sweet honey, fig and mar­malade flavours. Eau de Vie Marc de Gewurz­traminer Do­maine Meyer-fonné meyer-fonne.com With its char­ac­ter­is­ti­cally in­tense, flo­ral aro­mas, gewurz­traminer is an ideal va­ri­ety for the pro­duc­tion of marc: clear grape sprit dis­tilled from the skins left af­ter press­ing. A de­li­ciously aro­matic di­ges­tif.

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