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Use the big­gest oven you have avail­able. Put the big­gest and deep­est roast­ing tray you have in the bot­tom of the oven and don’t put the bird in the roast­ing tray. In­stead put it on a wire shelf above and let the fat drip into the roast­ing tray. This makes it is eas­ier to la­dle out the hot fat if the tray be­comes too full and when the time comes to re­move the turkey, it is much eas­ier to han­dle, you sim­ply slide the shelf out with the turkey on it. Al­ways use a meat ther­mome­ter so you are sure it is cooked right through and don’t risk un­der or over­cook­ing it. Use wide ta­bles; one me­tre wide is ideal as this leaves plenty of room in the mid­dle for wa­ter, wine and food dishes. If the ta­ble is too nar­row, con­sider cov­er­ing the ta­ble top with a pro­tec­tive cloth and then put sheets of ply­wood cut to the right size on top of the ta­ble. Make your life eas­ier on the day. For­get about fancy table­cloths (the French do). Put a pro­tec­tive cloth on the ta­ble and then use a spe­cially de­signed pa­per to re­place the table­cloth. It comes in long rolls, over one me­tre wide. To dec­o­rate the ta­ble use fancy pa­per place mats and dif­fer­ent coloured pa­per servi­ettes. At the end of the meal, you sim­ply roll up the pa­per and servi­ettes in one go. For­get crock­ery (but use real glasses for wa­ter and wine), use pa­per plates, stacked in or­der at each place set­ting; af­ter each course some­one can go round with a rub­bish bag and col­lect the dirty plates. This saves room in the kitchen, wash­ing-up and a lot of work and time (ad­mit­tedly it’s not very sus­tain­able but at least the pa­per is re­cy­clable).

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