Doom 3 — 2004 — iD Software


Ah, Doom 3, still by far one of the most terrifying and atmospheri­c first person shooters ever to grace our screens. In essentiall­y what was a reboot of the Doom series, this third instalment from gaming developer legends id Software saw you once again take on the role of Doom Guy whose mission it was to send horde after horde of demons and the undead back through the gates of hell from whence they once came.

But just what does Doom Guy, our anonymous

Space Marine hero extraordin­aire get up to when all the blood and violence gets too much? Why, he relaxes with a game of Super Turkey Puncher 3 of course.

The game is located in the research facilities cafeteria area. Gameplay, as you may have gathered from the title, simply involves punching turkeys over and over until they explode into pile of blood and guts, then repeating the process. And while the arcade cabinet clearly has a joystick and eight fire buttons, you only ever need the one — punch. Although it isn’t all just as plain sailing as it may first appear as timing is everything in this game and the smoother more rhythmic the punches, the better you’ll score. The graphics of the game are modelled on the first two Doom games and as for sound, all you get is an extremely repetitive short music track and generic punching noise when hitting the turkey. There is no other aim to the game other than achieving a high score, although in Doom 3: The BFG Edition an achievemen­t was added and to get it all you simply had to do was rack up a score of 25,000 points.

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