Silent Hill 2

Konami - 2001


With the success of ‘Resident Evil’, games publisher Konami decided that they too fancied a slice of the survival horror market and therefore developed the first Silent Hill game which was released to critical acclaim. This led to a larger budget for a sequel and as a result, fans got was quite possibly one of the best horror experience­s ever created in gaming. ‘Silent Hill 2’ follows the story of James Sunderland who, despite losing his wife three years ago, has received a strange letter telling him that she’ll be waiting for him in the small town of Silent Hill. Not really knowing what to expect the game begins with James attempting to psych himself up as he wanders along a long dark and foggy path towards the town. Immediatel­y this creates the feeling of being totally and utterly alone — then the horror truly begins.

Soon you will encounter all sorts of weird and grotesque monsters who are all symbolic in that they relate to James’s struggles in his relationsh­ip with his wife.

The atmosphere of the game and the attention to detail is absolutely spot on — everything feels like it was added for a purpose. One of the most terrifying aspects of the game is being stalked by the iconic Pyramid head character who’ll appear when you least expect it and frighten you to your very core.

The game has multiple endings and which one you will experience very much depends on the choices you make during the game’s narrative. No matter which ending you achieve, one thing is for sure, it will be a truly immense and climatic experience. ‘Silent Hill 2’ is a truly terrifying horror experience that stands the test of time.

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