Typically viewed as the granddaddy of all 3D shooters and a pre-cussor to the ‘Doom’ series, ‘Wolfenstei­n 3D’ is a first-person shooter that follows the exploits of Allied Spy ‘William BJ Blazkowicz’ and his mission to bring down the Nazi regime.

The game is divided into three episodes, Escape from Castle Wolfenstei­n, Operation: Eisenfaust and Die Fuhrer Die! During the game, our hero Blazkowicz must first escape the castle, uncover a plot by the Nazis to create an army of undead mutants and then finally infiltrate the Reichstag where he’ll confront old Adolf himself.

‘Wolfenstei­n’ featured groundbrea­king 3D graphics that helped render the pixelated violence and bloody gore, much to the horror of many a parent who found their child playing the game. Armed with only a knife, pistol, machine gun or devastatin­g Gatling gun, you must work your way through each level disposing of the vast hordes of SS guards, guard dogs and mutants. More often than not, you leave behind what can only be described as a bloody massacre. And if that wasn’t enough, adding to the bloodshed are menacing and imposing bosses who are encountere­d at the end of each episode.

Of particular amusement are the SS German guards who wail ‘Mein Leben!’ (my life) as they die, something that you never seem to tire of hearing and will find yourself imitating as you play. Trust me, you will.

‘Wolfenstei­n 3D’ set a new standard of gameplay when it was released back in 1992 and while today it may look dated it still plays well and remains a thoroughly enjoyable gun-totting bloody experience.

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