Visceral Games PC, Xbox 360 & PlayStatio­n 3 Year of release – 2008


‘Dead Space’ is quite literally all about brutal violence, gore and dismemberm­ent. The game tells the story of Isaac Clark, an engineer who is part of a rescue team caught up in a deadly outbreak of alien life-forms known as necromorph­s. These aliens have taken over the bodies of the crew members and turned them into grotesque beings that can only be stopped by ‘strategic dismemberm­ent’ of their bodies. This act is genuinely gory and gross, yet bloody awesome at the same time.

And don’t think for one minute that poor old Isaac gets off lightly in this game in terms of blood and gore as there is an insane amount of twisted and elaborate ways in which he can be killed by the alien necromorph­s.

It doesn’t take long for the game to set the brutal and grotesque tone of things to come. As the story progresses, the ante is well and truly upped in terms of bloody gore as almost everything in the game wants to either stab, dismember, burn, rip apart, dissolve or generally violate Isaac in some bloody disgusting manner.

Visually the graphics are great and never fail to impress. Combine this with some stunning lighting and environmen­tal effects and what you get is one truly intense horror experience.

It is made even better by the fantastic use of sound effects that continuous­ly surround you with the ominous and eerie noises of the necromorph­s.

The original and best game in the ‘Dead Space’ series that features an innovative combat system and well thought out storyline that delivers a terrifying and bloody experience that you won’t forget in a hurry.

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