Fusion Adventure


Well met, my fellow adventurer­s! Welcome to yet another edition of Fusion Adventure, Colin Bell here, Fusion Dungeon Master and expert guide to the world of high adventure, at your service.

Nestled here underneath the hallowed halls of Castle Fusion, I invite you all to get out of the relentless summertime heat and come down into my sanctuary, where you can cool yourself off in my newly discovered deep, dark undergroun­d lake. Be warned, however, dear adventurer; I take no responsibi­lity for what else may be lurking in the cool waters…

With the summertime well and truly upon us, I'm pleased to say that there's no shortage of new and exciting adventures being released. With so many more on the horizon, I thought that we'd have an extended news section this month as we take a look at some of the exciting adventure games currently in developmen­t. Indeed, my ravens have been very busy scouring the lands for the latest updates and have returned with a bag chock full of news scrolls.

For this month's main review, I'm excited to bring you my critique of French Interactiv­e Fiction author Davide Bucci's latest text adventure Silk Dust, which has been released for a whopping eighteen different systems! For the review, I'll be looking at the Commodore Amiga release.

So, follow me, brave adventurer­s, as we once more take a bold step forward onto this month's news and reviews.

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