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Point & Click adventure ‘Athanor 2’ coming to the Amiga & ST’


Athanor 2 – The Legend of the Birdmen is the hotly anticipate­d 16-bit sequel to the 2015-2016 game Athanor 1 — The Awakening that was released for several 8-bit systems, including the Amstrad CPC, ORIC 1 and Commodore 64.

As the back of the box says – ‘The adventure continues… You've uncovered the mysteries of the abbey in Athanor 1 – The Awakening – it's time to embark on a journey of discovery around the world, in search of your origins'

Unlike the first game, Athanor 2 is a point and click adventure with a classic command interface and is chock full of enriched dialogue, colourful characters, puzzles and four different worlds to explore.

Athanor 2 has been lovingly created by a dedicated team of developers and artists with the author of the original game, Eric Safar at the helm. The game also features some absolutely

stunning hand-drawn artwork that has been digitised, coloured, and then downscaled to Amiga and Atari specs – the end result looks amazing.

An eventual release is due very soon, so make sure you check-in at the developer's website, safargames.fr, for regular updates. There will also be a physical boxed release that features not one, but four! ‘feelies' along with two disks, a manual and some other intriguing card pieces.

In the meantime, Amiga owners can check out the pre-release video for the game here https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=1mlzeGp4WC­4

Or if you're an Atari ST aficionado you can check out your pre-release video here:

https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=Ud9SEY_JKTs

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