Hibernated 1 – The Director’s Cut released!


It's officially here, dear adventurer­s, Berlin-based author Stefan Vogt's new masterpiec­e, Hibernated 1 – The Directors Cut, has finally touched down with a bang! A complete re-write of his award-winning 2018 original, the game features completely new narratives and dialogues, as well as many new puzzles and riddles to get to grips with.

A few plot holes have been ironed out that had cropped up in the original game, and the author also promises a whole host of new and exciting memorable scenes and sequences. The game has been released for a whopping twenty seven different systems so far. In addition to the game itself, Stefan's also made the z3 & z5 files available, meaning you can play the game in the Z-Machine interprete­r of your choice should you so wish.

Just like the first game, there's a physical copy available to pre-order over at Poly Play, which features box art that has been lovingly made to look like one of the old Infocom adventure boxes, which is a real nice touch. Why not pre-order your physical boxed copy now: https://www.polyplay.xyz

Download a digital copy over at: https://8bitgames.itch.io/hibernated­1

 ??  ?? Below: Sir Typhil has all the best chat-up lines.
Below: Sir Typhil has all the best chat-up lines.

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