The Retro Guide To Com­modore 64

It may not have been de­signed as a games ma­chine, but games dom­i­nated the C64 and turned it into a fer­tile breed­ing ground for mod­ern devel­op­ers. Here, we re­visit some of its great­est re­leases

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We look back over some of the fan­tas­tic re­leases on this ground­break­ing home com­puter that set many on the path to be­com­ing gamers

Com­modore’s 8-bit Home com­puter made a huge im­pact when it landed in 1982. the com­pany was no stranger to the 8-bit mar­ket, hav­ing al­ready re­leased sys­tems like the Com­modore Pet and VIC-20, but Com­modore’s owner, Jack tramiel, wanted to dom­i­nate the mar­ket, and he ag­gres­sively mar­keted the C64, cut­ting its price by $200 a few months af­ter its re­lease, as well as us­ing a cas­ing that was ex­tremely sim­i­lar to the C64’s pre­de­ces­sor, the Com­modore VIC-20.

the C64 may have looked ex­tremely sim­i­lar to the hum­ble VIC20, but there were huge dif­fer­ences be­neath the bread bin-like ex­te­rior. For starters, it fea­tured a whop­ping 64 Kb of ram with an ad­di­tional 20 Kb of rom, bet­ter res­o­lu­tion and in­cred­i­ble sound thanks to the sid (sound in­ter­face de­vice) chip, which al­lowed tal­ented mu­si­cians like rob Hub­bard and ben daglish to cre­ate in­cred­i­ble tunes.

the Com­modore would even­tu­ally go on to shift over 30 mil­lion units, mak­ing it the best­selling home mi­cro of its time. It might not have been de­signed as a pure games ma­chine, but that’s what it’s ar­guably best re­mem­bered for. so here are some of the finest games the C64 has to of­fer. If you’ve ever con­sid­ered col­lect­ing for it then these ti­tles are the per­fect place to start.

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