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Vampyr is set in lon­don at a very in­ter­est­ing time, his­tor­i­cally. While it isn’t nec­es­sar­ily be­holden to his­tory, it takes a num­ber of cues from the era to cre­ate a more ex­cit­ing game world. the span­ish flu pan­demic has largely cleared out the city, the cit­i­zens that have cho­sen to re­main – due to ne­ces­sity or per­haps the hint of op­por­tu­nity – are fur­ther im­pacted by the fall­out of the first World War. the ar­rival of vam­pires are an added com­pli­ca­tion that these down­trod­den peo­ple could have done with­out. art di­rec­tor gre­gory szucs says that set­tling on lon­don as the lo­ca­tion was easy enough, driven by a de­sire to best serve the mythos the team was at­tempt­ing to cre­ate: “since this is a vam­pire game it had to be dark, grim, sad, rainy and gloomy…” ah, lon­don was the nat­u­ral choice, then. “We wanted to get the ma­te­rial right – we gath­ered a lot of his­tor­i­cal ref­er­ence – but it was never about mak­ing a 100 per­cent ac­cu­rate replica. for us, it was im­por­tant to pick and choose, to get that gloomy am­bi­ence that we de­cided that we wanted to ex­plore through lon­don’s streets. it was a dark time; you’re a vam­pire who only goes out at night, so we had to build the mood out around that… it was a balanc­ing act to make it feel be­liev­able and to make it feel mod­ern for the time. “the set­ting and time pe­riod is rarely ex­plored as well in few games, that’s some­thing they are go­ing to find unique about Vampyr.”

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