Get­ting ex­treme

Richard Ham ex­plains why he hid a harder dif­fi­culty mode in the game…

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“not a lot of peo­ple know this, but Syphon Fil­ter has an ex­treme dif­fi­culty mode, and you don’t know it. but there is a code that you put in the ti­tle screen and you’ll put it into ex­treme mode or what­ever, and then, when you’re play­ing at that level, then you have to play it in the way that i wanted play­ers to play – where you had to be re­ally nim­ble. the rea­son we had to hide it in a code, though, was be­cause if we ac­tu­ally made it an op­tion on the ti­tle screen, the qual­ity as­sur­ance team would have to test that mode and make sure there were no bugs. and there was no time to take that test­ing bur­den on, so i said, ‘okay, what if we just hide the mode and don’t tell any­body about it.’”

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