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Well, State of De­cay 2, I’m not sure I can talk too much about it, but first wrote of all I over three hours of mu­sic

I re­ally for it, so got im­mersed in that the world over last two years I’ve been that work­ing on project. It’s a more melodic

It score. feels like it’s the third

State of De­cay sound­track I’ve writ­ten be­cause I wrote the first State of De­cay and then they did a hd ver­sion for Xbox one and that one had a full sound­track and as well a sep­a­rate sound­track re­lease. It takes place out there in ru­ral Amer­ica, so that’s the sound that con­tin­ues, with these bro­ken gui­tars and a sense of fit­ting with the land­scape that you’re play­ing in. You cer­tainly have to con­nect with that. out­side of all of these solo in­stru­ments and lots of acous­tic per­cus­sion and things we’ve recorded there’s the sound for the zom­bie apoc­a­lypse, which is more the zom­biedriven sound that has a lot of ten­sions and pulses and mod­u­lar syn­the­sis­ers and all kinds of things that are there to give you that sense of ten­sion and dan­ger. Those two worlds are mixed to­gether.

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