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Eter­nal Dark­ness was the first game pub­lished by Nin­tendo, as op­posed to a third­party devel­oper, to be rated ‘M’ for Ma­ture by the ESRB. A se­quel was planned, re­port­edly to be launched along­side the Wii U, but was can­celled due to Sil­i­con Knight’s le­gal en­tan­gle­ment with Epic Games.

Are you won­der­ing why you haven’t seen the San­ity sys­tem make an ap­pear­ance in more videogames? It turns out Nin­tendo ac­tu­ally patented it, re­strict­ing other com­pa­nies from mak­ing use of the con­cept. So wide-reach­ing is this patent that very few devel­op­ers have dared in­clude any­thing even re­motely sim­i­lar to it.

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