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gow: As­cen­sion (Ps3, 2013)

A pre­quel to the events of the main tril­ogy, set a few months af­ter Kratos was tricked by Ares into killing his own fam­ily and break­ing his blood oath to serve the god of war in re­tal­i­a­tion. It chron­i­cles his es­cape from the Furies, who were hold­ing him as pun­ish­ment for be­tray­ing Ares and re­al­i­sa­tion he must serve the gods to find re­demp­tion.

gow: chains of olym­pus (PSP, 2008)

Dur­ing his ten years of ser­vice to the gods as a means of find­ing re­demp­tion,

Kratos is sent on a mis­sion by Athena to find the miss­ing sun god He­lios. This puts him on a col­li­sion course with the Un­der­world, a last chance to be re­united with his daugh­ter and a fi­nal de­ci­sion to re­turn to the world in or­der to save it from At­las’ at­tempts to top­ple Olym­pus.

god of war (Ps2, 2005)

Hav­ing served the gods for ten years, Kratos seeks a way out, and is given one by Athena: kill Ares and be freed of his guilt. The only thing that can kill a god, how­ever, is Pan­dora’s Box, so that’s what he seeks, even­tu­ally man­ag­ing to open the box and be granted the power of a god to take Ares down. The gods refuse to free him of his night­mares of killing his fam­ily, but when he at­tempts to com­mit sui­cide Athena saves him and of­fers him the now-va­cant po­si­tion of god of war left by Ares.

gow: ghost of sparta (PSP, 2010)

Now the god of war, Kratos trav­els to the city of At­lantis and re­veals a new plot from his past sur­round­ing Ares and his dead brother Deimos. The tale takes him to his mother Callisto, to the de­struc­tion of At­lantis, a re­turn to Sparta and even­tu­ally to the Do­main of Death, where he finds his long-lost brother, only to lose him in a fi­nal bat­tle with Thanatos. In the after­math it is re­vealed (but not to Kratos) that Athena may be Kratos’ sis­ter. gow: Be­trayal (mo­bile, 2007) At the leader of the Spar­tan army, Kratos is leav­ing a path of death and de­struc­tion in his wake as his na­tive peo­ple wage war all over Greece, much to the frus­tra­tion of the gods. He is con­stantly be­ing at­tacked by mon­sters and be­set by an as­sas­sin of un­known ori­gin. De­spite a warn­ing from Zeus that the pur­suit of the as­sas­sin must stop, Kratos per­sists, cre­at­ing fur­ther ten­sion be­tween the Spar­tan and Olympians.

god of war ii (Ps2, 2007)

Hav­ing an­gered the gods for too long, Zeus con­ceives a plot to kill Kratos, trick­ing him into spend­ing his godly power to de­feat the Colos­sus of Rhodes and send­ing him to the Un­der­world as a re­sult. On his jour­ney, Kratos meets the Ti­tan Gaia, who of­fers a plan to re­verse time and col­lec­tively get their revenge. Be­fore Kratos can kill Zeus, Athena sac­ri­fices her­self to al­low his es­cape and re­veals that Zeus is Kratos’ fa­ther. Kratos trav­els back in time to bring the de­feated Ti­tans to the present world.

god of war iii (Ps3, 2010)

Kratos and the Ti­tans storm Mount Olym­pus, but Gaia be­trays him. Fall­ing into the River Styx, the spirit of Athena tells him how he can de­feat Zeus, which she now sees is nec­es­sary for hu­man­ity to find hope. Kratos finds Pan­dora to quench the flame of Olym­pus, de­feats Zeus and Gaia, and dis­cov­ers that the power of hope has been in­side him since he opened Pan­dora’s box. Kratos im­pales him­self on the Blade of Olym­pus to re­lease hope into the world.

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