Why I Love… Ul­tima VII: Black Gate

Kris Piotrowski Creative direc­tor, Capy­bara Games

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Kris Piotrowski, Creative direc­tor, Capy­bara Games

A game that I love and I can’t say one of my own? That’s okay; I hate ev­ery­thing

I’ve done so that’s an easy one. I’m just kid­ding, I like some of my games! I will say Ul­tima

VII: Black Gates. I played it for the first time when I was 17… I played the en­tire Ul­tima VII quadrilogy ac­tu­ally, which is Ul­tima VII: Black Gate, Forge of Virtue, Sil­ver Seed, and Ser­pent Isle. I re­mem­ber when I played that as a kid; it blew my mind.

There are a lot of clas­sic games that I like to go back and re­play ev­ery once in a while, but Ul­tima was one I had never re­played since I played it the first time – it’s such a mas­sive beast of RPG. And just re­cently I started it again. Started to just do it. And now I’m re­play­ing it, a cou­ple hours a night be­fore bed. It’s a master­piece.

There’s some­thing about that game. The story, like the ac­tual writ­ing, the worlds… Ul­tima VII is like, a wonder. There aren’t a lot of games that have fol­lowed through on the kind of Ul­tima avatar, quest-type thing and I just wish there was more of that. And Be­low def­i­nitely isn’t any sort of fol­low-up or any­thing, but there are def­i­nitely some as­pects of Ul­tima VII’S world de­sign in there – I didn’t even re­alise that it had crawled un­der my skin like that un­til I started play­ing it again, and I was like, “Oh shit! That’s from Ul­tima VII!”.

So, yeah, that’s my game. That’s one of my favourite games of all time. Re­play­ing it, re­as­sum­ing the avatar, was just like, for me, it holds up, and I love it. It’s an in­cred­i­ble, rich, beau­ti­ful, RPG from the

90’s that just slays.

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