INSOMNIAC’S hard work IS Pay­ing OFF FOR ITS new­est ti­tle

Games TM - - CONTENTS - For­mat: ps4 | Pub­lisher: Sony in­ter­ac­tive En­ter­tain­ment De­vel­oper: insomniac GAMES | re­lease: 7 SEPTEM­BER 2018 | Play­ers: 1

Insomniac has put a lot of care into cre­at­ing the best su­per­hero ti­tle on the mar­ket. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a big su­per­hero ti­tle come out, and Spi­der-man is look­ing to take the Bat­man Arkham se­ries’ throne as the best in the genre. Tak­ing in­spi­ra­tion from the Dark Knight’s games while blaz­ing its own trail, Spi­der-man is not rest­ing on its li­cence’s lau­rels, and is sure to wow us all come re­lease day.

Metic­u­lous de­tail has gone into how Spidey con­trols both in­side and out­side of bat­tle, and Insomniac is mak­ing sure that ev­ery­thing is fluid, yet easy to ex­e­cute. Trav­el­ling around New York City is smoother than ever be­fore, and may be the first game to earn the Spi­der-man name to re­ally nail the feel of swing­ing through the air. But if the high­fly­ing ac­ro­bat­ics aren’t your thing, you can also ex­plore the lively city on foot, view the sights and sounds at ground level and in­ter­act with the cit­i­zenry. Spi­der-man may be Insomniac’s most am­bi­tious ti­tle yet, and the com­pany’s over twenty years of ex­pe­ri­ence is be­ing well used for this new game.

Brains, not Brawn

In or­der to sur­vive the crim­i­nal en­coun­ters in Spi­der-man, you’re go­ing to want to rely on clever strate­gies to sur­vive. Pe­ter Parker may be able to do what­ever a spi­der can, but that doesn’t in­clude beating down ev­ery en­emy to a pulp. Us­ing stealth and Spi­der-man’s var­i­ous skills will go a lot far­ther in com­bat sit­u­a­tions than try­ing to get by on brute force.

web-sling­ing COM­BAT

Com­bat in Spi­der-man lets you play by your rules, let­ting you im­pro­vise as you take down crim­i­nals. Pe­ter Parker is more than Spi­der-man; he’s also a ge­nius in­ven­tor, and has cre­ated a va­ri­ety of gad­gets that com­bine his web-sling­ing abil­i­ties with help­ful tech­nol­ogy to as­sist in crowd con­trol. Of course, you can also use old­fash­ioned mar­tial arts to dis­pose of your foes.

Suit up

not a fan of Insomniac’s spe­cially de­signed suit for this game? worry not, as you’ll be able to don a num­ber of dif­fer­ent suits in Spi­der-man. the suits aren’t just for looks ei­ther, as each one has dif­fer­ent abil­i­ties and skills to take ad­van­tage of. Insomniac has done its home­work too, with a wide va­ri­ety of niche suits from Spi­der-man’s long and di­verse his­tory

Swing­ing Around town

ar­guably one of the most im­por­tant parts of Spi­der-man is how you’ll be con­trol­ling Spidey as he gets around. thank­fully, Insomniac has put a lot of work into mak­ing move­ment around the open world both easy and smooth. Spi­der-man can swing from build­ing to build­ing with his web at the press of a but­ton, and also knows a bit of park­our so that travers­ing on the ground isn’t a chore.


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