how is mi­cro­soft’s head­set com­ing along?

From what we can tell, Mi­cro­soft’s Hololens aug­mented re­al­ity head­set is still firmly in the con­nect­ing and test­ing phase at the mo­ment, but that phase con­tin­ues at pace. Re­cent re­veals of UI tests con­tinue to show im­pres­sive lev­els of ac­cu­racy and image sta­bil­is­ing as ob­jects float in the head­set wearer’s view, and can be touched as if they were re­ally in the world around you.

We would imag­ine the de­mands of pro­cess­ing some­thing like this cur­rently sit out­side what is plau­si­ble within the body of the glasses alone or even from an Xbox One X, but per­haps in another gen­er­a­tion some con­sole in­te­gra­tion might be pos­si­ble.

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