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04 It wasn’t re­ally there in the 2013 game. It made a much big­ger ap­pear­ance in Rise Of The Tomb Raider, but it’s Shadow that’s re­ally dou­bling down on the tombs to raid for Lara. This time around we should – all things go­ing ac­cord­ingly – be spoiled for choice with the an­cient ru­ins to scram­ble around, traps to avoid (aah, Mayan pointy sticks…), flooded cham­bers to try not to get lost and drown in and mil­len­nia-old puz­zles to pon­der over for half an hour each. The early parts of Shadow Of The Tomb Raider show a mix of ex­plor­ing an­cient ru­ins and the mod­ern se­ries’ com­bat lean­ings – we sin­cerely hope the game leans far more on the for­mer than the lat­ter.

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