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05 Lara Croft knows some­thing the bad guys don’t – where an an­cient arte­fact is. She also knows some­thing they do – where another, re­lated arte­fact is. On us­ing her con­sid­er­able tomb raid­ing tal­ents to, shock­ingly, raid a tomb, Lara re­lieves the an­cient lo­cale of its arte­fact and – ac­cord­ing to the prophe­cies fore­told – brings about Ar­maged­don. As you do. Has she ac­tu­ally brought on the end of the world? That we don’t know – nor would we throw spoil­ers so wildly here – but Shadow Of The Tomb Raider’s story will tell a tale of Lara grap­pling with wildly vary­ing requirements and emo­tional bat­tles as she tries to stop the big bads, not get lost in her own head, (po­ten­tially) save the world and try not to ar­gue with long-time chum Jonah too much.

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