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06 Lara is once again up against the forces of Trin­ity, the an­cient or­gan­i­sa­tion that has been snap­ping at her heels since day one of the mod­ern tril­ogy. While they do try to shoot her in the face, Trin­ity’s lo­cal boss­man, known as Dominguez, does take time to chat with Lara about their mo­ti­va­tions this time around. Pure-evil world dom­i­na­tion? Well… yes, sort of. Blam­ing young Croft for set­ting in mo­tion a good old-fash­ioned apoc­a­lypse, Trin­ity wishes to re­build and re­model what­ever is left over of the world into an image of its own cre­ation. So, ef­fec­tively, mak­ing an omelette on a global scale. What this trans­lates to in game is another se­ries of seem­ingly un­lim­ited mer­ce­nar­ies to get into shootouts with.

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