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Ubisoft’s VR ven­ture with Eli­jah Wood’s film com­pany had us in­trigued last year and now it has our full at­ten­tion. What had at first been merely the prom­ise of a merg­ing of film and games in the vir­tual space has now been pinned down as some­thing close to What Re­mains Of Edith Finch crossed with P.T. As you put the head­set on you’ll be in­vited to jump be­tween the minds of fam­ily mem­bers to piece to­gether the story. But in­side the mem­o­ries is some­thing else, lurk­ing and fol­low­ing you. Game­play wise it’s about ex­plo­ration and puz­zle solv­ing, some­times find­ing the right fam­ily mem­ber to ac­cess so that you can progress through the shared me­mory that is pow­er­ing this world.

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