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Night City is just as much a char­ac­ter in the world of Cy­ber­punk 2077 as any of the peo­ple on screen, and CD Pro­jekt Red is promis­ing a mas­sive open world for us to ex­plore. How big are we talk­ing? Ac­cord­ing to the team the city is split into six dif­fer­ent dis­tricts, not un­like the dif­fer­ent re­gions of The Witcher 3, that play­ers can travel through freely and with­out load­ing screens so there’s no break in the ac­tion. City Cen­ter is the largest re­gion, dom­i­nated with cor­po­rate aes­thet­ics and lux­ury. Next is West­brook, home to the elite cor­po­rate over­lords and billed as the most ex­clu­sive part of town. The other four dis­tricts are not as af­flu­ent, par­tic­u­larly Santa Domingo’s heavy in­dus­trial ar­eas lined with giant fac­to­ries and power plants. Paci­fica is con­sid­ered the most dan­ger­ous part of the city thanks to ram­pant crime ac­tiv­ity. Fi­nally there’s the res­i­den­tial ar­eas, Hey­wood bear­ing strong Latino themes and Wat­son a pri­mar­ily Asian district. These are the six re­gions where V’s ad­ven­ture will play out, each with its own unique of­fer­ings.

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