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Creed goes full rpg

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Creed Odyssey’s an­nounce­ment came with many sur­prises. Many ex­pected the fran­chise to take a year off again, so a new re­lease in 2018 caught us a lit­tle off guard, even if it was leaked well be­fore its first show­ing at E3. The abil­ity to play the game as a ei­ther Alex­ios or Kas­san­dra was a wel­come sur­prise, how­ever, with the lat­ter ap­par­ently be­ing con­sid­ered the canon lead of the game. But that’s just the be­gin­ning of the new ideas lead­ing to a fan­tas­tic new As­sas­sin’s Creed, if our first demo ex­pe­ri­ence is any in­di­ca­tion.

We’re dropped in Mykonos City, one small sec­tion of a map made en­tirely of Gre­cian isles. As we ex­plore the city comes to life in front of us, ci­ti­zens walk­ing freely and in­ter­act­ing with one an­other while mer­chants call out to po­ten­tial cus­tomers. It’s breath­tak­ing, like we’ve been trans­ported back in time, and it shows how much de­tail Ubisoft Que­bec has in­cluded. Of course a liv­ing city comes with some tra­vails, and sud­denly we’re ap­proached by a mer­ce­nary hired to kill us.

This is our in­tro­duc­tion to Odyssey’s com­bat, which brings some im­pres­sive changes. We can switch be­tween melee weapons and a bow-and-ar­row at will. Each weapon fea­tures four cus­tomis­able pow­ers, which are un­locked via an abil­ity tree that brings a dash of role­play­ing to the game. Fac­ing off against the en­emy feels fluid and pre­cise as we take down our at­tacker with ease. If you step to the as­sas­sin, you’d best not miss.

Af­ter a few cutscenes (in­clud­ing a fran­chise-first di­a­logue sys­tem) we’re in­tro­duced to Con­quest, one of Odyssey’s most im­por­tant set pieces. Hun­dreds of sol­diers fill the beach and our screen, duk­ing it out as we charge in and take down en­e­mies at will. A me­ter slowly shrinks as each side takes losses, and when the me­ter reaches a cer­tain point the leader of the en­emy forces fi­nally joins the fray. Con­quest’s mas­sive fra­cas was a ton of fun to fight through, and we hope there are a lot of them sprin­kled through­out.

As­sas­sin’s Creed Odyssey is an as­ton­ish­ing take on an­cient Greece, the gi­gan­tic is­land-based open world filled with things to do. Both he­roes are per­fect leads, each one bring­ing a unique per­son­al­ity to the game. Brand-new Con­quests bring the scale of the Spar­tan wars to life, drop­ping us into a mas­sive bat­tle and let­ting us fight how we want. Even though it’s com­ing sooner than ex­pected, we’re con­fi­dent Odyssey will be wor­thy of the As­sas­sin’s Creed name, build­ing on all the best ar­eas of the fran­chise and in­no­vat­ing ev­ery­where else.


Jonathan dumont, Creative di­rec­tor, ubisoft Que­bec

A branch­ing di­a­logue sys­tem is a first for the se­ries and a wel­come ad­di­tion.

fac­ing off against the en­emy feels fluid and pre­cise as we take down our at­tacker.

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