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Knives At the ready

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“Chop those toma­toes faster!” “Get me more burg­ers!” “Why aren’t the plates washed!?” If Over­cooked was any­thing, it was the most beau­ti­ful and ad­dic­tive stress-in­ducer we’ve ever played. Over­cooked 2 is bring­ing us more co-op cook­ing this Au­gust, this time with more elab­o­rate level de­sign, on­line mul­ti­player and the op­tion to throw food at each other.

Other than the wel­come ad­di­tion of on­line mul­ti­player, the big­gest change is kitchens that change dra­mat­i­cally as lev­els play out. For ex­am­ple, one test of you as a chef be­gins in a kitchen set on a giant plat­form sus­pended from a hot air bal­loon. When you’re close to the ground you’re thrown from the bal­loon and into a sushi kitchen, chang­ing both the re­quired recipes and lay­out of the kitchen.

To help with the added dif­fi­culty and the need to stay nim­ble of mind you have the op­tion of throw­ing in­gre­di­ents be­tween each other. This cuts down on the time re­quired to get the let­tuce in the bun or the burger in the pan, giv­ing you more free­dom to de­fine spe­cific ar­eas of the kitchen that each player con­trols.

As in the first game, though, some kitchens fea­ture holes in the floor or are oth­er­wise po­si­tioned in lo­ca­tions that make throw­ing any­thing risky busi­ness. Chuck­ing a tomato to a friend isn’t go­ing to help any­one if it ends up off the side of the hot air bal­loon and lost in the clouds.

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