Homo Machina

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Homo Machina hits all the cri­te­ria of an in­trigu­ing demo, art­fully ex­hibit­ing the fu­sion of stun­ning art and sim­ple puz­zles. Re­gret­tably, it fails to of­fer a well-rounded ex­pe­ri­ence, leav­ing us feel­ing dis­sat­is­fied with the fi­nal prod­uct.

Recre­at­ing the hu­man body in the style of a 1920s fac­tory, this modest col­lec­tion of puz­zles whisks us through every­day bod­ily func­tions. Dar­jeel­ing Pro­duc­tions has opted for a style that mas­ter­fully avoids all the pit­falls that could have made us feel a bit squea­mish; re­plac­ing the com­plex struc­ture of the hu­man eye with cam­era com­po­nents and the ner­vous sys­tem with a sim­pli­fied elec­tri­cal grid.

Re­flec­tive of the mul­ti­tude of unique pro­cesses that our bod­ies un­dergo, Homo Machina’s me­chan­ics re­tain a fresh­ness through­out. While the puz­zles are not overly com­pli­cated, it’s clear to see that each one has been metic­u­lously crafted with spe­cific re­gions of the body in mind. nonethe­less, the ab­sence of a tu­to­rial left us un­sure of the best way to pro­ceed early on. it was re­fresh­ing to en­counter a game that doesn’t linger on a lengthy in­tro­duc­tion, yet the lack of guid­ance cou­pled with bugs that left the screen un­re­spon­sive caused us to feel disen­gaged all too quickly. Fur­ther bugs re­quired us to restart the game of­ten, ar­ti­fi­cially pro­long­ing our time with an al­ready sur­pris­ingly short ti­tle.

Homo Machina also has lit­tle re­play value. While it’s pre­car­i­ously tee­ter­ing on the verge of be­ing ‘too short’, its at­trac­tive vi­su­als and chirpy sound­track at­tempt to jus­tify its price tag. Heav­ily in­spired by the work of the physi­cian, Fritz Kahn, this ti­tle suc­cess­fully ex­pands on the de­pic­tions out­lined in ‘Der Men­sch als in­dus­triepalast’. De­spite its ad­mirable com­bi­na­tion of pleas­ing vi­su­als, quirky char­ac­ters and whim­si­cal mu­sic, it’s clear that the de­vel­oper has con­cen­trated on a brief yet beau­ti­ful ex­pe­ri­ence, rather than de­liv­er­ing a sub­stan­tial vol­ume of content. Pri­ori­tis­ing qual­ity over quan­tity is some­thing we can cer­tainly get be­hind but, with the wealth of high cal­i­bre games of sim­i­lar mon­e­tary value on the mo­bile plat­form, do not feel rushed to play this one.

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Dar­jeel­ing Pro­duc­tions Price: £2.99 re­lease: Out now Play­ers: 1 on­line re­viewed: N/A right: A glimpse of the hu­man body, reimag­ined as a 1920s-style fac­tory. Keep­ing things tick­ing over may be a chal­lenge.

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