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One of the rea­sons that Ob­ser­va­tion has caught our at­ten­tion is how it is plac­ing us in the role of the AI of the ship in what feels like a pretty di­rect nod to 2001: A Space Odyssey and other tales of space ex­plo­ration where a ship AI be­comes self-aware. We are self aware, so by ex­ten­sion so is S.A.M. the mo­ment we be­gin playing, but does the crew of Ob­ser­va­tion know that? Will Dr Fisher be com­fort­able with you ex­hibit­ing hu­man-like re­ac­tions and cu­riosi­ties? Will she grow to dis­trust you much as Dr David Bow­man grows to dis­trust HAL 9000 in the Stan­ley Kubrick film? And could the game ac­tu­ally go even deeper than that, as Kubrick did, and ex­plore a big­ger philo­soph­i­cal ques­tion through this per­spec­tive? There are lots and lots of ques­tions that we’re look­ing for­ward to an­swer­ing when the game launches.

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