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Three of the num­bers in a ten-point scale are of greater im­por­tance than the oth­ers: five, seven and, of course, ten. Some pub­li­ca­tions would fool you into be­liev­ing that a 7/10 game is av­er­age, but that just doesn’t make sense to us. games™ re­views videogames on their en­ter­tain­ment value, and so any ti­tle that sim­ply per­forms to an ad­e­quate stan­dard will re­ceive a 5/10. Sim­ple. The elu­sive ten is re­served for games of in­cred­i­ble, ir­refutable qual­ity, but please be aware that a score of ten in no way pro­fesses to mean per­fec­tion. Per­fec­tion is an unattain­able goal, and on a ten-point scale noth­ing should be unattain­able. Again, sim­ple. Our re­views are not a check­list of tech­ni­cal fea­tures with points knocked off for flaws, nei­ther are they a Pr-pres­sured fluff-fest. We’d never let that hap­pen, and be­sides, you’d smell it a mile off. Fi­nally, the re­views you find within these pages are most cer­tainly not state­ments of fact. They are the opin­ions of schooled, knowl­edge­able videogame jour­nal­ists de­signed to en­lighten, in­form and en­gage – the gospel ac­cord­ing to games™.

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