GROWL 1991


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Taito’s four-player brawler has a dis­tinc­tive eco theme and sees you playing rangers out to pro­tect an­i­mals from poach­ers. For the most part it’s a fairly con­ven­tional ex­am­ple of the genre, fea­tur­ing a stan­dard two-but­ton set-up and the abil­ity to pull off a spe­cial at­tack when both are pressed to­gether. so far, so Fi­nal Fight. The weapons of Growl are far more ad­vanced how­ever, adding ranged weapons to the stan­dard fare, which in­clude ma­chine­guns, pis­tols and rocket launch­ers. it’s also pos­si­ble to re­ceive help from some of the ex­otic an­i­mals that you res­cue, which can in­stantly turn fights around. it most re­cently ap­peared on Taito Legends 2.

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