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One level we were very taken by with What The Golf? was a series of stages in­spired by Su­per­hot, the time-bend­ing shooter with its min­i­mal­ist red, white and black style and ex­tended bul­let-time feel. What The Golf? recre­ates that ex­act me­chanic, bul­lets fly­ing and ev­ery­thing, while also hav­ing you move a golf­ball around a stage. We won­dered if this was born out of a close re­la­tion­ship be­tween Triband and Su­per­hot Team. “They’re not close friends, but we know them. We’ve had a few beers with them and they’re re­ally nice. Ba­si­cally when we did it we showed it to them and said ‘Hey, we’ve done this. Would you be okay with us putting it in the game?’. And they were just over the moon, su­per ex­cited. They said, ‘If we ever had to make a golf game, it would look like that’,” ex­plains Triband co-founder and COO Rune K Drewsen. But that was just the be­gin­ning of how What The Golf? would honour its in­die peers. “Then we thought we were on to some­thing, and won­dered if there were other peo­ple and in­die games that we re­ally like that we should pay trib­ute to. We found some and we put them in the game too, but it’s im­por­tant that the stuff that you put in there doesn’t feel forced. We have this say­ing here that ev­ery­thing is ba­si­cally golf; like ev­ery game, ever made, is golf. Foot­ball is golf. Bowl­ing is golf. Ev­ery­thing is ba­si­cally golf, and I say that be­cause it presents a great op­por­tu­nity and tools be­cause you step out of the door and you see the world in a com­pletely dif­fer­ent light, which is very im­por­tant if you want a good cre­ative process. Then, all of a sud­den, you will see ev­ery­thing with these golf glasses on, and that just makes it su­per in­ter­est­ing be­cause you could be sit­ting and eat­ing your break­fast and sud­denly think, ‘Fried eggs; that’s golf. Let’s have a fried egg level’.”

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