TIMELINE high­lights

the best bits in the game and when you can ex­pect to see them

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● Talk about chuck­ing you in at the deep end. Odyssey kicks off in a huge Con­quest Bat­tle that in­stantly has you squar­ing up against dozens of en­emy troops. ARGH HELP!


● We can’t stop tak­ing screen­shots. Se­ri­ously. Ev­ery sin­gle frame of this game is in­suf­fer­ably gor­geous. We don’t think we have enough stor­age on our con­sole for all these caps… ●


NOW you’re show­ing us the credit ti­tle? NOW?! We’re six hours in, Odyssey. Just how big is this thing if we’re only NOW get­ting to see the open­ing cin­e­matic?!

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