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While we have largely fo­cused on the choices and con­se­quences that will come to de­fine Dy­ing Light 2 as an ex­pe­ri­ence, we did want to take a sec­ond to pause on the game’s bal­ance be­tween hu­man and in­fected an­tag­o­nists. Zom­bies are of course re­turn­ing, though they seem to have less of a pres­ence in the new city space than they did in Har­ran. This is largely done to re­flect some changes made to the day/night cy­cle. It’s as Kor­nel Jaskula tells us, “We changed our phi­los­o­phy a lit­tle bit. It’s not only about the in­fected in this game, it’s also about hu­mans; the day­time is for hu­mans, but the night for the in­fected.”

When the sun is shin­ing, you will be deal­ing with quests across the city and squab­bling with other hu­man char­ac­ters, though you can go look­ing for in­fected if you want to. Dur­ing the day, zom­bies take shel­ter in dark­ened build­ings, dan­ger­ous nests that con­tain good loot should you make it through the bun­dles of pow­er­ful in­fected with­out stir­ring the hive. When the sun sets, how­ever, then it’s time to try to sur­vive against the un­end­ing horde.

And we say try, be­cause night is truly go­ing to be a ter­ror this time around. Tech­land is over­haul­ing the in­fected AI, in­tro­duc­ing new in­de­pen­dent and group rou­tines to lead to more com­plex be­hav­iour pat­terns from the zom­bies.

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