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Mush­rooms are funny lit­tle things, nei­ther veg­etable nor an­i­mal, but some­thing uniquely in-be­tween. Their ‘meaty’ tex­ture and propen­sity for soak­ing up flavours makes them a cook’s dream. While mush­room for­ays are a glo­ri­ous sea­sonal out­ing, they’re en­tirely re­liant on some­one pos­sess­ing a rock-solid knowl­edge of fun­gal clas­si­fi­ca­tion; mis­takes can be fa­tal. Grow­ing your own mush­rooms from a kit is a safe and easy way to en­joy them with­out any ag­gro. Pre-spawned mush­room kits will ger­mi­nate in just a few weeks or days; the fun­gal ver­sion of sow­ing cress. It’s best to buy kits on­line rather than pick­ing them up in shops be­cause you want the mush­room spawn to be fresh, not lin­ger­ing on a shelf for too long.

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