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USE THE SPOIL Use it to form mounds and banks else­where ✔ in the gar­den, cre­at­ing ex­cit­ing new plant­ing op­por­tu­ni­ties.

DON’T UN­DER­ES­TI­MATE THE POND LINER WEIGHT My pond liner ✔ weighed 350kg and had to be rolled into po­si­tion us­ing heavy duty drain­pipes, just as the Egyp­tians moved stone for the pyramids!

IN­CLUDE A PLANT­ING TRENCH Dig one in the mar­gins where you can ✔ make gravel plant­ing pock­ets. The gravel will be held in place here, rather than wash­ing down into the base of the pond. ✔ PRO­TECT THE LINER I used a layer of thick pond felt be­low and above the butyl liner. Emp­ty­ing the pond is hard work if the liner gets dam­aged. AVOID FLOOD­ING Think about where the pond might over­flow in heavy ✔ rain – a large vol­ume of wa­ter could flow out from the low­est point.

✔ EN­SURE ALL MAR­GINS ARE LEVEL In a large pond there’s more chance to get it wrong and for one side to jut awk­wardly out of the wa­ter.

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