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cu­pres­sus ari­zon­ica

‘Glauca’ Dense sil­very-blue leaves with small cones in spring. Un­cut H18m (60ft) S5m (16ft)

Li­gus­trum jo­nan­drum

Tough privet with box-like leaves and white flow­ers in late sum­mer. Un­cut H and S2m (6½ft)

Lau­rus no­bilis

Aro­matic glossy bay leaves are easy to prune into ball shapes. Un­cut H12m (40ft) S10m (30ft)

cu­pres­so­cy­paris Ley­landii

Ley­land cy­press; some have golden fo­liage. Un­cut H25m (80ft) S5m (15ft)

buxus sem­per­virens

Small glossy fo­liage and slow, dense growth. Un­cut H and S5m (16ft)

Pho­tinia ‘Red Robin’

Glossy-leaved shrub with vi­brant scar­let new fo­liage. Colours best in full sun. Un­cut H and S4m (13ft)

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