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MON­DAY In the lower of our two raised veg beds, we’ve put the two steel struc­tures we usu­ally use in the pots be­side the front steps. These ‘flower tow­ers’, plus a tall chicken wire fence run­ning north to south across the middle of the bed, give it a geo­met­ric pa ern. TUES­DAY The sim­plest con­tainer plant­ing we’re do­ing is to drop plas­tic pots con­tain­ing peren­ni­als into the clay pots we used for tulips. It’s a way to get colour into ar­eas of the gar­den which are very green now. Bright, cit­ric yel­low achil­lea ‘Moon­shine’ and blue aga­pan­thus make a real dif­fer­ence. WED­NES­DAY I’d like to pre­tend ev­ery­thing is care­fully planned, but al­most ac­ci­den­tally I seem to have grown sev­eral or­ange an­nu­als. Or­ange cos­mos, an or­ange zin­nia and cal­en­dula ‘African Queen’ have just been given their own 9cm (3½in) pots. For­tu­nately, or­ange and blue make one of the zingi­est com­bi­na­tions! THURS­DAY With re­cent sunny weather and a good help­ing of rain, weeds are hav­ing a hey­day. Num­ber one pri­or­ity is to re­move any­thing that seeds rapidly. First on the agenda are bi er cress, grasses and Geum ur­banum. FRI­DAY A plethora of white fox­gloves are be­ing planted out on the shady side of the gar­den. We’ve been in­tend­ing to plant them since March. For­tu­nately, they’re late into flower so at least we’ll have the ben­e­fit of their pure white bells for a cou­ple of weeks. SATUR­DAY A size­able back­log of rag, tag and bob­tail plants, side­lined for various rea­sons, though usu­ally from lack of time, has finally been sorted. Some have been po ed on for fu­ture use, others planted out. SUN­DAY We did very few helle­bore crosses this year, apart from a few with four lovely va­ri­eties from Ashwood Nurs­eries. Be­cause the plants are liv­ing out­side in pots in a shady cor­ner, I hadn’t re­alised they were about to shed their seeds. The story has an erst­while happy end­ing, seed was col­lected and has been sown. All we need do now is wait!

I’ve got an or­ange cos­mos on the go, to match my zin­nia and cal­en­dula! Gla­di­o­lus com­mu­nis byzanti­nus is nat­u­rally more el­e­gant than the highly bred va­ri­eties

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