“Arthri­tis was crip­pling me… but FX-Sil­ica has com­pletely given me my life back”

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LAND­SCAPE GAR­DENER Stan Hitchen, be­lieves that the prop­er­ties of FX-Sil­ica gel have made him pain free and in­de­pen­dent once again. GE­ORGE TAYLOR in­ves­ti­gates.

At the age of 63 you’d think that Stan Hit chen would start to think about tak­ing life a lit­tle eas­ier. How­ever he’s just fin­ished a com­plete renovation of his new home and not con­tent with that, he’s also de­signed and land­scaped his gar­den to cre­ate ‘a lit­tle piece of heaven’. This is all quite amaz­ing con­sid­er­ing Stan has been suf­fer­ing from crip­pling arthri­tis for the last eight years!

“Arthri­tis runs in the fam­ily… we’ve all suf­fered with it” Stan tells me as we sit on the deck­ing in his gar­den. “I knew I’d get it and af­ter forty years of gar­den­ing ev­ery­day it finally struck!”


Stan suf­fered with crip­pling pain and stiff­ness in his hands and knees, which meant del­e­gat­ing all of the phys­i­cal work, which he al­ways rel­ished, to his younger staff. “It was heart­break­ing. I felt so use­less and started to have bouts of de­pres­sion. The anti-in­flam­ma­to­ries and pain killers from the doc­tor hardly had any ef­fect and the physio treat­ments only re­laxed the joints for a short while af­ter each ses­sion.”


Then, two years ago, Stan and his wife, Jeannie, moved into their dream house. The house needed a lot of work and the gar­den was a ‘bomb site’ as Stan puts it. How­ever they could see the enor­mous po­ten­tial and set about slowly do­ing up the house.

This is when Stan’ s arthritic pain be­came ex­cru­ci­at­ing, to the point that he could hardly keep a grip on a ham­mer! And then, to make things worse, Jeannie fell from a lad­der and broke her hip very badly. She spent eight weeks in hos­pi­tal and all the work on their dream home came to a grind­ing halt.

It was dur­ing a visit to the hos­pi­tal, whilst sit­ting in the cafe­te­ria with his brother, that Stan’ s own med­i­cal prob­lems were about to change. His brother Ge­off, also suf­fered with the ‘fam­ily arthritic curse’ but had re­cently found re­mark­able pain re­lief by us­ing a sooth­ing gel called FX-Sil­ica.

Stan had tried just about ev­ery pill and cream on the mar­ket. But Ge­off as­sured him that F X-Sil­ica was def­i­nitely worth a try, af­ter all it had worked for him. It was a ‘ mas­sive break­through’ in his bat­tle with arthritic pain.

Stan said he had noth­ing to lose so he or­dered two tubes to give it a go. Two days af­ter re­ceiv­ing them he or­dered an­other four tubes!


“Within min­utes of ap­ply­ing the gel to my hands and knees I could feel such sooth­ing re­lief. It was like the stiff­ness and pain was melt­ing away. I was wor­ried the sen­sa­tion would quickly wear off quickly but for the next cou­ple of hours I fin­ished tiling the bath­room be­fore vis­it­ing Jeannie. Even then, the drive to the hos­pi­tal was the best feel­ing be­hind the wheel I’d had in years. No pain at all in my hands, knees and back.”

In­cred­i­bly af­ter years of pain, Stan is now free from his arthritic night­mare. He also had a derelict house and gar­den to get on with, and enough FX-Sil­ica to keep him mov­ing with­out pain. Over the next five weeks he worked all day long, as if he were 21 again! He fin­ished off the jobs in the house and then com­pletely land­scaped the gar­den. He even found the time to build a den at the end of the gar­den for when his grand­chil­dren come to visit.


He had the house and the beau­ti­ful new gar­den all ready for when Jeannie came home from hos­pi­tal. There’s now a photo sit­ting proudly on the mantle­piece show­ing Jeannie’s won­der­ful and tear­ful re­ac­tion when she saw all the work Stan had done.

Hear­ing Stan’s story, it’s clear that FX-Sil­ica has changed his life. Gone are the bouts of de­pres­sion and he now looks for­ward to en­joy­ing his old age in the house of his dreams and tend­ing to the gar­den that he loves with all his heart!

FX-Sil­ica is avail­able from Health Broad­cast Ltd for £24.95. To or­der call their freep­hone 0808 208 0312. You can try F X-Sil­ica with­out risk, as they of­fer a 90-day money-back guar­an­tee pol­icy. If you’re not happy at any time within the 90 days you can sim­ply re­turn the tubes, even if empty or used and re­ceive a full re­fund.

Stan Hitchen has finally bro­ken the ‘fam­ily curse’ of arthri­tis.

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