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A few years ago when I was run­ning Chelsea Physic Gar­den we had a bucket in the tool store with a la­bel on it read­ing ‘The an­noy­ing string bucket’. It con­tained a huge spool of bailer twine which had burst and be­come an im­pos­si­ble tan­gle. Put sim­ply, it was RE­ALLY an­noy­ing to get a length of string out of it. To avoid this the easy so­lu­tion for any large spool of twine, cable, rope or string is to con­tain it in the first place. The eas­i­est way to do this is to re­pur­pose an old plas­tic paint con­tainer, large food con­tainer or sim­i­lar plas­tic re­cep­ta­cle. Then all you do is set the spool in­side it, make a hole through the top of the con­tainer lid, thread the ma­te­rial through and seal the lid. This pre­vents the spool from es­cap­ing or ex/im­plod­ing into what can re­sem­ble a dis­em­bow­elled ma ress!

The sim­ple ideas are the best!

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