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Eat around the rain­bow for all your vi­ta­mins and min­er­als!

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RED Ly­copene gives red fruits their colour, and con­tains prop­er­ties that pro­tects against heart prob­lems, blood pres­sure and choles­terol. It’s ab­sorbed be er by us when cooked.

OR­ANGE O Carotenes are con­verted to Vi­ta­min A in our bod­ies, which helps with hor­mones and the heart, keeps eyes healthy and can pro­tect against can­cers. Cit­rus has more vi­ta­min C how­ever.

YEL­LOW Y Yel­low fruit and veg also have carotenes in them, all of which ups the vi­ta­min A count in our bod­ies as much as or­ange fruit and veg. Cit­rus are, of course, also rich in Vi­ta­min C.

GREEN Chloro­phyll gives green crops their colour, but many greens, such as broc­coli and peas, are med­i­cal re­search mar­vels; the for­mer may specif­i­cally pro­tect blood ves­sels and against cer­tain can­cers, while peas are among those that pro­tect eye health.

BLUE-PUR­PLE Blue and pur­ple fruit and veg con­tain heavy doses of an­tho­cyanins, pow­er­ful an­tiox­i­dants to pro­tect from cell dam­age. Beet­root is par­tic­u­larly high in ni­trates, which ex­perts think re­duces blood pres­sure.

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