Brighten up your win­dowsill with amaz­ing amaryl­lis

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These ten­der, in­door bulbs are easy to grow, and flower six to 10 weeks af­ter plant­ing. Choose a pot that’s slightly larger than the bulb (ter­ra­cotta pots look stylish) and fill with multi-pur­pose com­post or John Innes No 2.

The top third of the bulb should re­main above the com­post. Amaryl­lis need light and warmth to get go­ing, so place pots in a bright spot at 20C (68F) or warmer. Wa­ter lightly, from the top, un­til the bulb comes into growth. In­crease wa­ter­ing when leaves and flower stalks are grow­ing.

As flower stalks de­velop, turn the pot to avoid stems bend­ing to­wards the light. Amaryl­lis in flower can be­come top-heavy, so you’ll need to stake stems to pre­vent them from snap­ping, or plants top­pling. To pro­long flow­er­ing, move plants to a cooler place as buds open: a tem­per­a­ture of 16-18C (61-65F) is ideal.

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