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There are plenty of plants with a bounty of berries in au­tumn, and then there are the more use­ful shrubs and trees that hold onto their fruit all through win­ter, as if they know their colour is most wel­come for much longer into the year. There are small po ed shrubs for the doorstep at gar­den cen­tres such as gaulthe­ria and skim­mia, giv­ing a dash of im­me­di­ate daz­zle, but look a li le deeper for some more per­ma­nent berry­ing beau­ties in a range of colours.

Good solid choices are holly, co­toneaster or fiery orange, yel­low and red pyra­can­tha, or go a step fur­ther for some­thing spe­cial. Try Amer­i­can na­tive Ilex ver­ti­cil­lata, a de­cid­u­ous holly with eye-catch­ing crowds of red berries crammed along each naked stem. Look into buy­ing both male and fe­male plants to be sure of berries. Neon-pur­ple cal­li­carpa de­fies the sea­son, while se­lected crab ap­ples – while not strictly berries – keep their fruits all through win­ter, like the va­ri­ety ‘Adiron­dack’.

Zesty yel­low pyra­can­tha is a re­fresh­ing change from orange va­ri­eties

Amer­i­can holly glows!

Pur­ple cal­li­carpa berries defy the sea­son!

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