Top 5... win­ter conifers

Make a fea­ture of these com­pact va­ri­eties with dra­matic cones and sea­sonal tints

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1 Abies ko­re­ana ‘Sil­ber­locke’

Pyra­mi­dal, slow-grow­ing, bushy form of Korean fir with curl­ing blue nee­dles, white be­neath giv­ing a frosted look. Clus­ters of oval, pur­ple cones pro­duced from an early age. RHS award-win­ning va­ri­ety. Any moist, well-drained soil, but best if slightly acidic, in sun. H: 1.8m (6ft), S: 1.5m (5ft) in 20 years.

Tip For best growth don’t crowd with other shrubs.

From­bell­nurs­; tel: 01530 413700.

2 Cryp­tome­ria japon­ica ‘Ele­gans Com­pacta’

Form of Ja­panese cedar of pyra­mi­dal habit. Feath­ery, green fo­liage turns bronze in au­tumn and pur­ple in win­ter. RHS award­win­ning va­ri­ety. Any moist, well-drained soil in sun or semi-shade. H: 2.5m (8ft) in 20 years.

Tip Plant in a shel­tered po­si­tion out of strong wind.

From www.ash­wood­nurs­; tel: 01384 401996.

3 Pi­nus mugo ‘Win­ter Gold’

Very slow-grow­ing pine pro­duc­ing a rounded or glob­u­lar bun of leaves. Fo­liage turns bright yel­low from au­tumn through­out win­ter. Any moist, welldrained soil, even chalk, in sun. H/S: H/ 1.2m (4ft) af­ter 20 years. Tip Ideal for plant­ing in a rock or gravel gar­den. From www.hold­en­clough­nurs­; A la m tel: 01200 447615. y

4 Pi­nus parv­i­flora ‘Tem­pel­hof’

Pyra­mi­dal, multi-branched va­ri­ety of Ja­panese white pine. Nar­row, blue-green fo­liage has a tou­sled ap­pear­ance. Any moist, well-drained soil in sun. Long-last­ing dis­plays of cones. H: 2.5m (8ft), S: 1.8m (6ft) in 20 years. Tip Salt tol­er­ant so ideal for coastal gar­dens.

From www.or­na­men­; tel: 01943 660870.

5 Thuja oc­ci­den­talis ‘Golden Tuf­fet’

Rounded, pil­low-like habit formed from nar­row, lacy sprays of fo­liage, yel­low in spring, deep­en­ing to orange and bronze in win­ter. RHS award-win­ning va­ri­ety. Any moist, well-drained soil in sun. H/S: 75cm (2½ft) in 10 years.

Tip: Ideal for pro­vid­ing colour­ful globes of ever­green fo­liage.

From www.thomp­son-mor­; tel: 0844 573 1818.



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