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Com­post­ing is the lifeblood of or­ganic gar­den­ing. Re­cy­cle as much gar­den and green kitchen waste as you can: the ideal heap should con­tain around 50 per cent soft green waste such as lawn clip­pings and veg­etable peel­ings, with the rest made up of ma­te­rial such as leaves, prun­ings, shred­ded pa­per and small bits of card­board. Keep heaps moist and turn them reg­u­larly to help ma­te­ri­als break down. Why not make your own plant food, too? Com­frey leaves can be turned into a potas­sium-rich fer­tiliser that en­cour­ages flow­ers and fruit, while ne les make a high-ni­tro­gen feed that boosts fo­liage. Both need to be ro ed down in buck­ets of wa­ter, the debris sieved from the re­sult­ing smelly ‘soup’ and the liq­uid di­luted: one part ‘soup’ to 10 parts of wa­ter.

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