How to plant up your win­dow­box

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MAKE SURE the trough has plenty of drainage holes in the base. Half-fill it with a free-drain­ing soil-based com­post, such as John Innes No.2.


TAKE THE PLANTS out of their pots, then po­si­tion one thyme at each end and one in the mid­dle, and the two chill­ies at the back.


FILL AROUND the roots with more com­post and firm in gen­tly. Make sure the sur­face is about 5cm below the rim, so there is space for wa­ter­ing.


WA­TER WELL and place on a warm win­dowsill. Wa­ter weekly and feed the chill­ies with tomato feed fort­nightly. Pick the chill­ies when they turn red.

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