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1 Choose your cut­ting ma­te­rial well, se­lect­ing healthy, pen­cil-thick shoots (25-30cm long) and make a cut above a bud, or pair of buds, at the top and be­low a bud at the bot­tom. 2 Choose a pot at least 23cm in di­am­e­ter, put drainage ma­te­rial, such as coarse gravel, in the bot­tom, then fill it to within 2-3cm of the rim with peat-free multi-pur­pose com­post that has added ex­tra sharp sand. The gap will al­low for sub­se­quent wa­ter­ing and the sand will help to pre­vent wa­ter­log­ging in wet weather. 3 Insert the cut­tings to two thirds of their length, the right way up. Space them 8-10cm apart around the edge of the pot, where drainage will be swift. Po­si­tion the pot in a shel­tered spot. Pro­tect it from se­vere weather by mov­ing it along­side the house or into a cold frame, and never al­low the com­post to dry out com­pletely.

Insert the cut­tings around the edge of the pot – the most free-drain­ing area

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